We organize excursions on the coast and inland! (directly from the structure)

Various excursions of all types:
diving, boat trips, boat docking, horseback riding (on request) Palinuro caves, Camerota caves, Baia degli Infreschi, Elea – Velia excavations, Pertosa caves with representation of Dante’s Hell, Castellabate Welcome to the South, Rafting in the river, etc …

Archaeological excavations of Elea-Velia
In the heart of the Cilento Park, in the area of ​​Marina di Ascea, there is a great marvel of historical and archaeological interest, the ancient Greek city of Elea-Velia, home of the philosophical school of Parmenides and Zeno. Numerous places worthy of note: the Acropolis, the Porta Rosa, the Baths, and finally the very famous excavations of Velia, where much of the inhabited area at the foot of the acropolis has been brought to light during these years, together with furnishings , vases and other objects in use in the most flourishing era of the Eleatic civilization.

There are many possible itineraries through caves, museums and ancient villages on the coast, woods, paths and sanctuaries in the hinterland on a journey that is the perfect combination of history, tradition, nature and the true hospitality of the Cilentans.